Tanya Blake

Technology human error loop safety shipping
Handing ship operations traditionally done by crew to automated systems in a bid to reduce human error may be overlooking deeper flaws in ship operations, as well as in technology design.

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IMO secretary-general Kitack Lim with Grahaeme Henderson
The award recognises Dr Grahaeme Henderson, vice president, shipping & maritime, Shell, for his focus to drive collaboration and improve safety across the industry
Shipping must wake up to cyber threats to their operational technology and how their onshore staff and experts can ensure vessels and companies are cyber-resilient
Amver delegation at SMM exhibition
The US Coast Guard's Amver awards will be held during this year’s Safety at Sea awards on 18 October in London.
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Discussions surrounding mental health are improving, but shipping must work to tackle the root causes, such as bullying, which are often lurking just beneath the surface of seafarers’ daily working...
There is no denying that seafaring is a tough job and crew are required to be highly resilient individuals to deal with long hours, tiring work and months on end away from home.
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The UK Chamber of Shipping's new mental health guidelines have been developed so companies can better support crew and alleviate common issues contributing to seafarer mental health problems. However...
Crew members demonstrating fire safety procedures
Technology that can transmit shipwide radio beacons through thick steel on ships and pinpoint crew members’ whereabouts has far-reaching implications for seafarer safety and could improve evacuations...
A ship hull getting wet damage
Crew and shipowners are failing to take basic precautions to prevent hatch cover leaks, according to the Swedish Club.
A crew member aboard a ship
A five-year study by charity Human Rights at Sea and the United Kingdom’s Bristol University has revealed a disparate ratification of human rights treaties between flag states.
Russian Helicopters VRT300 unmanned helicopter
Tests of two versions of the Russian Helicopters VRT300 designed for operations in harsh climates will begin in late 2018.