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Yangzijiang is establishing a joint venture with Japanese trader Mitsui & Co. Credit: Yangzijiang Shipbuilding
Chinese shipbuilder Yangzijiang is establishing a joint venture with Japanese trader Mitsui & Co.

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POSH owns a fleet of over 100 offshore vessels. Credit: Malushko Igor
There are talks of a merger between Singapore’s PACC Offshore Services Holdings (POSH) and Miclyn Express Offshore (MEO).
Nitin Mathur, managing director of Wallem Singapore
Shipowners want to do the right thing as regulations draw near, but there is no clear advantage or commercial value to making the first move, prompting everyone to take a wait-and-see approach, says...
Maran Hermione
Sembcorp Marine secures Maran Tankers contract for installing marine scrubbers and ballast water management systems on 13 vessels.  
Ore carrier Stellar Daisy, which sank in the Atlantic Ocean on 31 March 2017 during a routine Brazil–China voyage. Credit: Malte Schwarz
South Korea’s Polaris Shipping is said to be considering Singapore for its long-delayed IPO.
CH Offshore operates a fleet of offshore vessels. Credit: Daniel Ferro
Benety Chang, CEO of Baker Technology, will replace James William Noe as CEO and executive director of CH Offshore.
Yangzijiang shipyard
Singapore-listed Chinese shipbuilder Yangzijiang Shipbuilding (Holdings) Ltd has made further investments to boost its core shipbuilding businesses.
Poor fuel efficiency has rendered some older LNG carriers unemployable. Credit: Danny Cornelissen
LNG spot rates are at their highest summer since 2002, as markets work in a shorter economic lifespan for vessels.
Aerial view of Hong Kong dock
Shipping features in the top 11 professions in Hong Kong’s ‘talent list’ for attracting expatriates and supporting the city’s economic development.  
Chinese crude tanker at sea
China could import more Iraqi crude, having inked various co-operative agreements with OPEC’s second-largest producer. 
BW Tankers’ vessel BW Australia
BW Tankers’ CEO Tina Revsbech has left the organisation and BW Group CEO Carsten Mortensen is acting CEO.