John Gallagher

Port of Los Angeles
Cargo volume growth and jobs are at stake as the United States and China continue trade retaliation measures.

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A record USD3.74 billion to benefit American dredging contractors awaits US President Donald Trump's approval.
Coast Guard officials finalise Hurricane Florence response plans in Charleston, South Carolina, on 12 September
Container line schedules are at risk as Hurricane Florence bears down on the US east coast.
Responders inspect fire-damaged Jonathon King Boyd on 18 April following a pipeline strike.
A US-based dredging safety group wants to ensure dredging operators have the most accurate pipeline location data possible to avoid deadly accidents.
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Survey reveals lack of a valid visa continues to be main reason for denying shore leave.
Naval Dome CEO Itai Sela
Vessels operated by the Shanghai-based company could be indirectly affected by a hack into a US communications network. 
COSCO Shipping
The incident affecting its US operations is the latest of several service issues plaguing the box line.
US President Donald Trump
The White House’ Office of Management and Budget received 60 comments on ways to streamline and reduce US maritime regulatory burdens.
Lance Fritz, president and CEO of Union Pacific Railroad
Escalating trade war between the US and China is delaying vessels calling at US ports, warns Union Pacific Railroad President and CEO Lance Fritz.
Philippine crew member bunkering high-sulphur and diesel fuel
Next week’s IMO meeting on bunker sulphur limits is expected to address safety implications related to fuel blending.
Horizon Trader
Horizon Lines whistleblower case reveals how retaliation against crew can undermine company policy.