Trump takes office

On January 20th, 2017, Republican Donald J Trump became the 45th president of the United States after his election triumph over Democrat Hillary Clinton. The unexpected outcome of the November 8 presidential election has raised many questions. In the coming weeks, the Fairplay team will assesses the likely shipping implications.

News & Analysis

28 Jul 2017
Seward & Kissel partner Gary Wolfe has been closing shipping deals on Wall Street for over 30 years. In an exclusive interview with Fairplay, the legal veteran lays out his views on raising capital in New York.
Attorney General Jeff Sessions
13 Jun 2017
The Trump administration is once again unravelling Obama-era policy – this time potentially benefiting shipowners in oil dumping cases. 
08 Jun 2017
Donald Trump’s presidency may not end up being a game-changer for shipping, but it is already having some effects in the LNG sector, and trade-relations issues are heating up.
12 May 2017
A new joint trade statement by the United States and China points to an easing of tensions and the potential for higher volumes of LNG at sea.
17 Feb 2017
How could Donald Trump’s presidency impact fees for lawyers and other shipping professionals in New York? To quote one of Trump’s favourite adverbs: ‘Bigly’.
The EU had lifted its sanctions on trading with Iran.
26 Jan 2017
Marine insurers are increasingly wary of Iran-linked risk following Donald Trump’s ascendance to the White House and the possible reinstatement of sanctions.


No president in recent times has made trade such a high priority and none has had a stated objective of rolling back trade deals rather than expanding them.

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