Sulphur cap countdown

With 2020 rapidly approaching, much of the shipping industry is trying to ascertain what the International Maritime Organisation's 2020 sulphur cap means for them. As one of the most important regulations to ever hit the maritime world, it will have an impact across the shipping ecosystem, from boardrooms to engine rooms and brokers to seafarers. Given the scale of the impact, many stakeholders are worried about what it means for their business, while some are also anticipating it could deliver them bumper profits. The Fairplay team will be tracking the key developments as we approach 2020, highlighting the risks and opportunities of this momentus change for our industry.  

News & Analysis

A bunkering operation
21 Nov 2018
Shipowners vow to regroup after fuel compliance proposal fails to gain traction.
Cutter suction dredger Spartacus
30 Oct 2018
Dredging and marine engineering company DEME has decided to back LNG engines as it doubts the efficiency of scrubbers.  
30 Oct 2018
Tanker operator claims scrubbers are a 'loop hole' and their use risk facilitating non-compliance with the new 0.5% sulphur limit for marine fuels.
Main Hall IMO headquarters
25 Oct 2018
While the global sulphur cap coming into force on 1 January 2020 may be dominating the headlines from this week’s IMO meeting, there has been progress on other issues affecting the maritime industry.
Roger Holm, president of Wärtsilä Marine Solutions and EVP at Wärtsilä Corporation
25 Oct 2018
The Finnish equipment supplier will align the business into two major divisions – energy and maritime – and scrubbers will be a key focus for several years to come, its president has told Fairplay.
Yoo Chang Keun
23 Oct 2018
Shipowner HMM will impose fuel surcharges from 2019


As the 2020 sulphur cap nears, access to credit could be the crunch point for shipowners.