Stellar Daisy

Very large ore carrier Stellar Daisy sank with the presumed loss of 22 lives on 31 March 2017. The Polaris Shipping-owned vessel was travelling from Brazil to China when the incident happened. Although the cause of the casualty has not yet been established, one of the two surving crew members said the ship had split in two after listing and taking on water. Other causes suggested for the loss include liquefaction of Stellar Daisy's iron ore cargo. Its South Korean owner hasinspected its surving fleet, and admitted in early May that cracks were found on another of its ore carriers.

News & Analysis

Stellar Daisy
30 Jun 2017
Busan Coast Guard raided Korean Register premises on Thursday 29 June in relation to the sinking of ore carrier Stellar Daisy.
The South Korean ore-carrying vessel, Stellar Daisy
26 Jun 2017
Mourning Stellar Daisy families want all Korean owners of converted ore carriers to inspect their vessels.
Stellar Daisy
12 Jun 2017
South Korean ore carrier and the world’s largest VLOC owner Polaris Shipping has delayed its IPO again in the wake of the Stellar Daisy sinking on 31 March.
06 Jun 2017
Polaris shipping to commence a 22-day search for Stellar Daisy commencing 14 June.
Stellar Daisy
05 Jun 2017
South Korean ore carrier specialist is taking professional advice on whether the company should continue to search for crew members who have been missing since the 31 March Casualty
Stellar Daisy
29 May 2017
Polaris Shipping, the South Korean operator of the missing vessel Stellar Daisy, has reached and paid a compensation agreement with families of missing crew members.


Shipping must avoid falling into the trap of thinking Daisy or any of the casualties listed by Intercargo in its 2016 report into bulker accidents and incidents is just another number in a table.