Posidonia 2018

The maritime sector descends on Athens to take a close look at Greek shipping and its place in the global industry. Fairplay will be reporting live from the event throughout the week.

Editorial Team attending:

 Nicola Good


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Nick Savvides


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Jonathan Robins



News & Analysis

Steine Muntal
07 Jun 2018
The classification society said that about 750 vessels are now fitted with the technology, although there are “many more in the pipeline” that have yet to show up in the figures.
One fifth of Greek vessels still fly the country's flag
05 Jun 2016
Business uncertainties make it unlikely that Greek owners will stay home
Thessaloniki port is available for investment
05 Jun 2016
The Chinese acquisition at Piraeus might make similar deals more contentious


Greek shipowners feel that all the regulations being introduced by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) are apparently aimed at them, and some say the cost is killing them.

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