Outlook 2018

Shipping confronts a complex market puzzle in 2018. Each sector features its own unique headwinds and tailwinds, while every sector faces a shifting landscape of new technologies, regulations, financing options, and geopolitical wildcards. Shipowners and operators cannot predict the future, but they can endeavour to understand what might happen in the year ahead and prepare to react. The Fairplay team has provided a comprehensive look at the issues, trends, and uncertainties facing each shipping sector and the potential consequences for the bottom line, offering industry stakeholders a guide to decision-making in 2018.

Green traffic light
02 Jan 2018
Worldwide economic expansion remains the single most important shipping driver.
02 Jan 2018
Owners are increasingly seeking growth funding in Oslo’s capital markets, via equity and bonds.
The UN Security Council. Credit: Getty Images
02 Jan 2018
Automation, new regulations, and tighter sanctions are shaking up the legal landscape. 
Total refinery
01 Jan 2018
The stars are aligning for product tankers as inventories fall and new refineries debut.
Computer hacker stealing data
29 Dec 2017
Technology promises huge upsides for shipping in 2018 and beyond. As new systems come online, ship operations will become more cost-efficient and customer service will be enhanced. But there are also risks ahead, as technological advances open the door to more cyber attacks