Global shipping attentions will be focused on the UK capital as industry leaders meet in London from September 11 to 15. The Fairplay team will be out in force to capture their views and insights

UK shipping minister John Hayes
11 Sep 2017
The UK shipping minister says gender imbalance in shipping means women can be missing out on career opportunities.  
Panel members.
11 Sep 2017
The Emirate intends to lead an initiative to forge greater co-operation between the world’s maritime clusters.
Port of Dover
11 Sep 2017
With nearly a fifth of the UK’s annual trade passing through the Port of Dover annually a deal that will maintain customs procedures at the port is seen as essential, but local MP Charlie Elphicke believes that the EU is not capable of making such a deal before the UK leaves the union.
Ship management
11 Sep 2017
Vertical integration of the shipping industry will see major changes as shipping becomes a component of the supply chain and owners and managers will be required to offer beneficial cargo owners increasing levels of transparency coupled with greater guarantees on the delivery of shipments.
11 Sep 2017
UK government committed to growing the UK commercial fleet tp 30 million GT


Four seafarer charities discussed the topic of 'fair shipping' during London International Shipping Week 2017 (LISW17). The debate that followed – in which I was a speaker – elicited strong views, particularly around elements in the supply chain that are beyond the industry’s control.

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