IUMI 2018

Marine insurers meet in South Africa to decide the industry's future strategy in the face of new risks and larger claims

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Cape Town
20 Sep 2018
Maritime trade may well be on the rise, but it is not being matched by the rise in premium rates that is required if the market is to be sustainable in the medium term.
Iran flag
19 Sep 2018
Unlikely that the US will offer exemptions in the new sanctions regime against Iran, a New York law firm partner told IUMI delegates.
Trade war between the US and China
18 Sep 2018
Vessels may be unable to access ports while seafarers may also be barred from operating in certain nations in the event of a full-blown trade war.
Containerised cargo being loaded on to a vessel
18 Sep 2018
Underwriters will challenge the tide of cases involving inaccurate or incomplete cargo labelling, IUMI committee chief warned.
Marsh & McLennan will be the world's biggest marine broker.
18 Sep 2018
The deal was announced this morning in London and as news spread to marine insurers in Cape Town, there was a concern over where it will leave the market.
Map of Africa
18 Sep 2018
IUMI targets membership increase in Africa.


Will Lloyd’s jettison its marine roots as drive for efficiencies continues in face of international competition?

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