IUMI 2018

Marine insurers meet in South Africa to decide the industry's future strategy in the face of new risks and larger claims

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Cape Town
20 Sep 2018
Maritime trade may well be on the rise, but it is not being matched by the rise in premium rates that is required if the market is to be sustainable in the medium term.
Cargo operations at South Africa's Durban port
20 Sep 2018
A risk expert says that cargo theft has continued to plague South Africa, resulting in losses and derailed efficiencies, and there is a need to take remedial measures to check the menace.
US-Iran sanctions
20 Sep 2018
The reintroduction of US sanctions will undoubtedly affect insurers and the complexity in dealing with these risks has now increased.
Isabelle Therrien
20 Sep 2018
The Canadian market will see new maritime laws come into force in the coming year alongside new investment that will create greater demand.
Richard Turner IUMI president
19 Sep 2018
Richard Turner says data will play an ever increasing role in marine insurers and the winners will be those who can successfully embrace and integrate new technology and combine that with the art of underwriting
19 Sep 2018
Call for marine insurers to address the current formation of war and strike clauses in an effort to halt the tide of litigation.    


Will Lloyd’s jettison its marine roots as drive for efficiencies continues in face of international competition?

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