Cyber security

Cyber security – the protection of systems, networks and data – needs greater attention from all maritime interests. Digitisation and the drive for automation means cyber security will become more critical as these technological developments provide new opportunties and sources of efficiency for shipping organisations of all sizes, but this technology also brings unprecedented threats. 

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21 Sep 2018
Respondents to Fairplay’s latest exclusive survey report a decline in incidents, but malware attacks and credential theft remain a major concern as shipowners and their crews continue to bolster defences  
09 Jun 2017
Shipping needs to take emerging cyber-physical threats seriously
Drones could be used by piracy gangs to attack global shipping.
23 May 2017
Global shipping could be targeted by piracy gangs using drones and cyber attacks, a leading insurance broker has warned.
08 May 2017
A new disaster model aims to help underwriters deal with cyber threats.
30 Mar 2017
Most shipping companies are international and rely heavily on overseas third party service providers and contractors to conduct their business internationally, they are simply not secure and therefore unprepared for an attack of this kind, says UK P&I Club's Edmonston.
USCG's Paul Thomas
21 Mar 2017
New guidance on cyber risk management coming from the US Coast Guard aimed specifically at terminal operators could be a guide for vessel operators looking to install a cyber risk management scheme through their safety management systems.


Fairplay survey results shows that shipping is discounting the cost of a cyber incident

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