Cyber security

Cyber security – the protection of systems, networks and data – needs greater attention from all maritime interests. Digitisation and the drive for automation means cyber security will become more critical as these technological developments provide new opportunties and sources of efficiency for shipping organisations of all sizes, but this technology also brings unprecedented threats. 

News & Analysis

Stock photo of a cyber attack as shown on a computer monitor
10 Sep 2018
A senior insurance figure warned that cyber attacks now present a serious threat to the global supply chain in which the maritime industry plays a pivotal role.
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15 Dec 2015
The threat to ship safety from cyber attack has led the International Association of Classification Societies (IACS) to expand its maritime remit beyond hull and machinery to cyber safety. Describing cyber safety as the ‘third pillar’ of class society oversight, IACS chairman Christopher Wiernicki has been promoting this focus, and said he wanted to create a “cyber system safety framework”.
08 Oct 2015
Specialist cyber-security product manufacturer LightCyber has told IHS Maritime that shipping needs a new approach to cyber security.


Ownership tie-ups can be good for the drive toward digitalisation but bad for cyber security.