Cyber security

Cyber security – the protection of systems, networks and data – needs greater attention from all maritime interests. Digitisation and the drive for automation means cyber security will become more critical as these technological developments provide new opportunties and sources of efficiency for shipping organisations of all sizes, but this technology also brings unprecedented threats. 

News & Analysis

Stock photo of a cyber attack as shown on a computer monitor
10 Sep 2018
A senior insurance figure warned that cyber attacks now present a serious threat to the global supply chain in which the maritime industry plays a pivotal role.
Lloyd’s CEO Inga Beale
25 Jul 2016
As the threat of cyber risk dominates much of the risk agenda, marine insurers are struggling with an inability to sell cover for attacks.
computer screens
17 Jun 2016
Maritime businesses face the prospect of being given a ranking on their ability to combat cyber threats under plans discussed by insurers.
LR's Luis Benito. Credit: LR
10 Mar 2016
Controlling connections between ship and shore will be key to managing risks, with ship operators increasingly making choices on how and why they should happen.
Carnival cyber-security chief Gary Eppinger. Credit: Carnival Corp
22 Jan 2016
The focus on cruise cyber-security threats has never been greater and shipboard system upgrades are under way to protect cruising against hacker attacks.
04 Jan 2016
Five carrier organisations have issued the first guidelines aimed at reducing the risk of cyberattacks against ships. BIMCO, ICS, INTERCARGO, INTERTANKO, and CLIA, announced on 4 January that their jointly published “Guidelines on Cyber Security Onboard Ships” will help prevent catastrophes resulting from cyber incidents.


Ownership tie-ups can be good for the drive toward digitalisation but bad for cyber security.