A landmark referendum over the United Kingdom’s membership of the European Union has ended in victory for those in favour of leaving the EU.

For many in shipping, the Brexit was unexpected. The IHS Fairplay team will been navigating the implications of this milestone move for the maritime industry within the UK and further afield.



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Lloyd's of London
18 Jul 2017
The 24th Global Insurance Forum held in London heard from a panel of experts in how they saw the London insurance market after the UK leaves to the European Union in 2019.
Picture Dave Matcham CEO IUA
19 Oct 2016
The marine insurance sector was the major loser in 2015 as it fell from the second biggest class of underwriting to third place, having been overtaken by liability business for the year – and Brexit has the potential to put billions of pounds of premium at risk.
18 Sep 2016
The annual conference of the International Union of Marine Insurance (IUMI) was dominated by the potential impact of the United Kingdom’s exit from the European Union.
Concerns that Brexit will end the current passporting system
12 Aug 2016
A number of P&I clubs have begun moves to potentially re-domicile in the European Union amid fears that the UK’s exit from the EU will come at the cost of its passporting rights.
Prime Minister Theresa May holds the first Cabinet meeting of the new government at Downing Street in London. Picture date: Tuesday July 19, 2016
19 Jul 2016
Given the level of mistrust, disappointment, and frustration in the EU that the UK has chosen to go it alone, Britain's road to departure will not be smooth.
stormy skies above the Thames
15 Jul 2016
UK economy expected to suffer after Brexit, with uncertainty ‘a fact of life’ and London must embrace a new independent position


Without knowing whether it will come  ‘hard’ or ‘soft’ shipping remains apprehensive

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