A landmark referendum over the United Kingdom’s membership of the European Union has ended in victory for those in favour of leaving the EU.

For many in shipping, Brexit was unexpected. The Fairplay team is tracking the implications of this milestone decision for the maritime industry within the UK and further afield.



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Stena Forerunner
05 Nov 2018
Leading European ro-ro operators and ports are investing in additional vessel and terminal capacity in anticipation of rising volumes while simultaneously preparing for the potential disruptive effect of the UK leaving the EU
A stock photo of the Lady Justice statue in London
05 Nov 2018
English law and arbitration are believed to remain dominant in maritime dispute resolution.
Detail of US flag alongside UK flag
21 Oct 2018
UK and US maritime sectors seek to strengthen their relationship in preparation for a new free trade agreement.
19 Oct 2018
The European Union (EU) Committee of the House of Lords heard oral evidence from a panel of five expert witnesses representing the UK Chamber of Shipping, Stena Lines, Holyhead Port, the British Ports Association and British Marine. 
19 Oct 2018
Chief executive officer Christophe Mathieu said on 19 October that he was sounding the alarm urgently on the back of “a worrying downward trend” in family bookings with the company for summer next year.
London city skyline
16 Oct 2018
Whatever the final outcome of Brexit, international trade and the maritime sector are likely to play increasingly important roles in the UK’s economic future.


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