A landmark referendum over the United Kingdom’s membership of the European Union has ended in victory for those in favour of leaving the EU.

For many in shipping, Brexit was unexpected. The Fairplay team is tracking the implications of this milestone decision for the maritime industry within the UK and further afield.



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27 Aug 2018
UK Chamber of Shipping CEO Bob Sanguinetti considers the information provided by the government so far to be “thin” and says he “would like to think that further notices [which are scheduled to be released in September] will contain considerably more detail so that the UK shipping industry can plan”.
John Nelson, Chairman of Lloyd's
24 Jun 2016
Leaders of the London marine insurance market have moved swiftly to calm fears over the impact of the vote by the UK to start the process to leave the European Union.
UK and EU flags
24 Jun 2016
Shipping shares listed on European markets opened sharply lower, deep losses in general markets, after it had become clear that voters in Britain had voted in favour of leaving the European Union.
In and Out beer mats
22 Jun 2016
Transport has more to gain or lose from the result than many businesses as Brexit means the UK will have to re-negotiate new trade deals with the EU and the rest of the world – a lengthy process that could impact sea, land and air freight flows.
Union Jack with 23 June date on it.
21 Jun 2016
More than three quarters of respondents to a shipping survey think that the United Kingdom should remain in the European Union.
 Jeffrey, Baron Mountevans, the 688th Lord Mayor of London
10 Jun 2016
With the UK about to embark on a referendum on whether the UK should stay in or leave the European Union, the Lord Mayor has no doubts whatsoever about the City’s stance.


This is not the first time UK has been tested and survived significant geopolitical change. Far from damaging the UK’s maritime strengths, Brexit can provide the launchpad for a new phase in our international business relationship

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