A landmark referendum over the United Kingdom’s membership of the European Union has ended in victory for those in favour of leaving the EU.

For many in shipping, Brexit was unexpected. The Fairplay team is tracking the implications of this milestone decision for the maritime industry within the UK and further afield.



News & Analysis

port of dover
21 Mar 2018
Port and vessel operators are concerned that the UK could leave the EU Customs Union after Brexit
Ro-ro vehicle terminal
16 Mar 2018
German experts have warned that border requirements after Brexit may disrupt ro-ro vehicle freight routes and transhipment, leading to challenges. 
UK shipping minister Nusrat Ghani
02 Mar 2018
Striving for frictionless borders and boosting the attractiveness of the UK flag are top priorities for UK shipping minister Nusrat Ghani.
UK transport secretary Chris Grayling
01 Mar 2018
Drive for autonomous shipping “must work for UK shipping and the country must be smart on the regulatory front”. 
A DFDS ferry
28 Feb 2018
A spokesperson said that while the company is prepared for any eventuality, including a so-called ‘hard Brexit’, it believes that trade growth will continue whether the United Kingdom is outside the EU single market and a customs union or remains within the single market.
ECSA general secretary Martin Dorsman
20 Feb 2018
ECSA warns that without a suitable agreement, UK and EU ports risk heavy traffic snarl-ups as disused reporting formalities and cargo checks are reintroduced.


With the United Kingdom leaving the European Union treaty framework in 12 months, no one has a clue how it will turn out.

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