Belt and Road

 The sheer scale China’s Belt and Road programme and its strong focus on trade and transportation infrastructure mean it will likely be one of the biggest influencers on the global maritime industry for decades to come.  However, industry stakeholders both within and outside of China struggle to understand the true implications and potential impact of the programme.  This is largely because it is unprecedented in terms of both its size and method, but also because it is unprecedented in terms of the expansion of China-related interests in one programme overseas.  

Belt and Road is already boosting opportunities and the level of development of port and logistics infrastructure on a global level, as well as filling some much needed gaps in the maritime and trade infrastructure of emerging markets  But by bringing more state involvement into the development of maritime and trade assets - and with that development drivers that may go beyond the immediate financial and functional goals of new infrastructure - Belt and Road also adds a high degree of complexity and increased risk for traditional investors, developers and operators in sector assets.

This page represents a collection of key intelligence from our specialist business writers on the Belt and Road programme, with the primary aim of facilitating better understanding of it to support the industry to take advantage of its opportunities and help mitigate its risks. 

News & Analysis

23 Aug 2018
Study warns of the dangers of poor project planning and weak due diligence due to heavy political pressure on state-controlled companies that could leave investors with significant losses
 China president Xi Jinping
21 Nov 2016
If the US backs away from trade deals under President Trump, China will move quickly to fill the vacuum, experts say.
Pakistan expects to see a 'huge increase' in coal imports
04 Nov 2016
Coal imports to Pakistan could triple over the coming five years as projects related to the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) boost demand in South Asia’s second largest economy, the head of the company’s first international standard dirty bulk cargo terminal said in Karachi.
Khalifa port
29 Sep 2016
COSCO Shipping has an agreement with Abu Dhabi Ports to build and operate a new container terminal in Khalifa port.
24 Aug 2016
Hutchison Port Holdings (HPH) expects to open a second container terminal in Pakistan by October, increasing the country's container-handling capacity by more than half as competition looms from deepsea transhipment hubs under construction in India.
19 Aug 2016
Pacific International Lines (PIL) has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with China’s largest public port operator and a mainland construction giant to develop new markets in Southeast Asia, South Asia, and Africa.


Belt and Road is expected to generate USD2.5 trillion in the next decade in additional trade between China and more than 60 countries connected by a sprawling network of roads, railways, air, and sea trade links.

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