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Eni can already produce new 0.5% sulphur products at several existing refineries. Combined with the capacity to desulphurise crude for further processing into low sulphur product, this means it will be able to ramp up low sulphur bunker fuel production.

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Respondents to Fairplay’s latest exclusive survey report a decline in incidents, but malware attacks and credential theft remain a major concern as shipowners and their crews continue to bolster defences


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MSC goes to Chinese yards to install South Korean-made scrubbers on its ships.

Shipping must wake up to cyber threats to their operational technology and how their onshore staff and experts can ensure vessels and companies are cyber-resilient

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Maritime trade may well be on the rise, but it is not being matched by the rise in premium rates that is required if the market is to be sustainable in the medium term.

Amver delegation at SMM exhibition

The US Coast Guard's Amver awards will be held during this year’s Safety at Sea awards on 18 October in London.

Cargo operations at South Africa's Durban port

A risk expert says that cargo theft has continued to plague South Africa, resulting in losses and derailed efficiencies, and there is a need to take remedial measures to check the menace.

US-Iran sanctions

The reintroduction of US sanctions will undoubtedly affect insurers and the complexity in dealing with these risks has now increased.

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The Canadian market will see new maritime laws come into force in the coming year alongside new investment that will create greater demand.

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ExxonMobil Marine Fuels' technical liaison manager said that shipowners will be able to successfully switch to using low-sulphur products, but noted that the outcome rests on owners’ preparedness for the switch, as well as the technical abilities of their crews.