Safety & Regulation

USCG's Jeff Lantz

Proposal seeking assurances on compliant fuel availability is not yet supported by the US Coast Guard.

A North Korean vessel previously arrested for illicit activity.

Australia and Canada have mounted airborne maritime patrols from a US base in Japan to detect illicit North Korean shipping activity.

ballast water treatment equipment

Fairplay looks at how shipowners have been and continue to be affected by the Ballast Water Management Convention.

Martin Kits van Heyningen

KVH Industries president and CEO Martin Kits van Heyningen tells Fairplay how innovating and keeping customer-focused has driven his business forward.


Pirates have captured 12 crew members on board of Glarus for ransom. Massoel Shipping continues to work to free its men.

goodfuels biofuel

Biofuels are the answer to meeting the IMO's 2050 carbon targets according to some and GoodFuels has developed marine biofuels that it says are comparable to mineral diesel, but can reduce all major emissions substantially, including carbon by over 90%. GoodFuels has married its products with the blockchain technology that will allow cargo owners to verify that the fuels used to move their freight are clean and produced from sustainable sources.

Eni logo

Eni can already produce new 0.5% sulphur products at several existing refineries. Combined with the capacity to desulphurise crude for further processing into low sulphur product, this means it will be able to ramp up low sulphur bunker fuel production.

vessel systems

Respondents to Fairplay’s latest exclusive survey report a decline in incidents, but malware attacks and credential theft remain a major concern as shipowners and their crews continue to bolster defences


MSC Antonia

MSC goes to Chinese yards to install South Korean-made scrubbers on its ships.

Shipping must wake up to cyber threats to their operational technology and how their onshore staff and experts can ensure vessels and companies are cyber-resilient