Safety & Regulation

USS John McCain

USS John S McCain has arrived pier side at Singapore’s Changi Naval Base, nearly 12 hours after colliding with an oil and product tanker in Singapore waters.  

STX O&S shipyard

South Korea's Ministry of Employment and Labor has issued a work suspension order on STX Offshore & Shipbuilding following the explosion at an oil tanker at the shipyard, which left four people dead.

Hull cleaning

A regulation requiring vessels arriving at Californian ports to manage ship hull biofouling could become an administrative challenge for certain shipowners.

Call for practical and efficient regulation: Complying with the impending environmental rules should not exhaust shipping companies, says BIMCO president and Common Progress CEO Anastasios Papagiannopoulos



STX O&S shipyard

Workers were painting the interior of a 12-metre-deep oil tank in the 74,000 dwt tanker when blast occurred.

Peregrine Storrs-Fox, Risk Management Director at mutual the TT Club,

Storres-Fox says maritime industry must take swift and significant action to protect itself.

Despite HMM's prominent status in the South Korean shipping companies, it has never transported cargoes across the Arctic Ocean despite the government's interest in exploiting the Northern Sea Route.

Signs are growing that the Lomar-owned 2,194 teu Kea Trader, grounded 90 nm southeast of New Caledonia, is developing into a constructive total loss for insurers.

Refugees saved from drowning on the deck of Spanish NGO Proactiva Open Arms’ rescue vessel Golfo Azzurro after being rescued off the Libyan coast in February 2017

The International Chamber of Shipping hopes to drive collaboration with international organisations in a bid to put an end to the migrant crisis in the Mediterranean

Smoke billowing from a ship's funnel

System is being launched now to allow shipping companies time to establish their MRV plans and have them verified by one of the recognised bodies operating under the system.