Safety & Regulation

Ship emissions

Pressure is building to ensure the IMO's strategy for reduction of CO₂ emissions is sufficiently ambitious.

US Navy board, search, and seizure team in small boat

The Sulu-Celebes seas region remains an area of security focus due to the recent phenomenon of seafarer abduction by militant groups

Spring Bear

Fines were imposed on the company ranging from EUR50,000 (USD61,000) to EUR750,000 and a one-year ban was placed on two directors of the company from acting as directors, commissioners, advisers, or employees of a shipping company.

Fire hit Maersk Kensington

A second Maersk vessel in 10 days has seen cargo ignite in its hold. This time the vessel had just left the port and the crew were evacuated quickly while the emergency fire systems appear to have put out the fire.


Cambodian flag

The report showed very little change in the performance of most flag states in 2017, with the regulatory performance remaining the same.

Prospects for vessel automation is causing unfounded angst among US-based vessel crews, according to a US regulator.

The European flag

Two organisations seek introduction of a uniform system enabling “the same data to be submitted in the same way for the same operations and processes in all EU ports”.

Armed guards on security patrol on Coast Guard cutter Harry Clairborne.

The Dutch parliament is expected to approve a bill for use of private armed guards this summer.