Jeddah Islamic Port

The move is part of expansion plans that will see the installation of semi-automated terminal equipment and the relocation of logistics depots to sites outside the heavily congested port.

Volumes at Hamad port rose in 2017 despite a boycott by GCC members

Hamburg Port

As Hamburg's major competitors recorded volume gains last year, its total throughput declined, leaving it to work out how to reverse the trend.

Hong Kong’s CT9 North terminal

Efficiency gains from the system implemented by HIT’s CT9 North will be felt by liner customers and improve the facility’s capability to handle large cargo surges from bigger oceangoing vessels, HIT’s head of engineering said.

Port advocates claim US president Donald Trump's funding schemes could weakens US ability to compete.

Newcastle coal shipment

Newcastle, Australia, the worlds’ biggest coal export port, is preparing for the end of the coal age, while in north Queensland Adani Australia is downsizing its Abbot Point coal terminal and Carmichael mine ambitions as opposition and debt mounts.

Robert Yildirim (right), pictured with Rodolphe (left) and Jacques Saadé

Annual box throughput across Yilport Holding’s global network grew by almost 10%.

Saudi Arabia's Jeddah Islamic Port

Saudi ports saw overall positive growth last year after the country relaxed regulations to boost its economy

King Abdullah Economic City

The west coast port has invested in technology infrastructure updates to improve cargo entry and exit.

Umm Qasr.

The Philippines-based port operator said strong demand in Iraq had paved the way for expansion.