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Eye-tracking technology improves bridge design and crew training 20 Nov 2017
Sungdong’s liquidation value reportedly exceeds going-concern worth, 21 Nov 2017
Dry bulk market eyes Pan Ocean Panamax, 21 Nov 2017
New MEPC chair Saito aims for policy continuity, 21 Nov 2017
STX O&S may need further cost-cutting to survive, 21 Nov 2017
COSCO Shipping Energy orders seven tankers at Dalian Shipbuilding 21 Nov 2017
India’s Mercator appoints additional director 21 Nov 2017
Golden Ocean breaks even in third quarter as rates continue to strengthen 21 Nov 2017
Port Houston seeks resilience after Hurricane Harvey 21 Nov 2017
US hits North Korean ship-to-ship transfers with sanctions 21 Nov 2017
Public players pivoting towards ‘active’ owner-operator model 21 Nov 2017
Container ships scrapped as prices rebound in India, 22 Nov 2017
Frontline reports Q3 loss as tonnage inflow offsets strong demand 22 Nov 2017
MPC Container Ships launches USD200 million capital boost, 22 Nov 2017
Hackers took ‘full control’ of container ship’s navigation systems for 10 hours 22 Nov 2017
New jackup rig owner Borr Drilling upbeat on outlook 22 Nov 2017
Fix position more often to avoid costly claims, warns London P&I 22 Nov 2017
Competition heats up in ballast water treatment system business 22 Nov 2017
How 2017 shaped up for dredging and port construction 22 Nov 2017
Tracking down subsea mineral benefits 22 Nov 2017
SM Line the biggest buyer of secondhand box ships, 23 Nov 2017
BW Offshore FPSO secures one-year extension 23 Nov 2017
BW LPG sees demand growth to exceed fleet expansion in VLGCs, 23 Nov 2017
Rising revenue, rates lead ZIM to solid third quarter 23 Nov 2017
Sungdong management, provincial authorities seek self-rescue, 24 Nov 2017
Chinese LNG imports could see winter spike, 24 Nov 2017
Successful litigants can be made to pay for bypassing mediation 24 Nov 2017
KDB issues refund guarantees for three of STX O&S’ tanker orders, 24 Nov 2017
New North American sanitation rules for containers could go global, 24 Nov 2017
Belt and Road: What's in it for marine insurance? 24 Nov 2017