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Timor buys out ConocoPhillips in bid to kickstart Greater Sunrise LNG project 02 Oct 2018
NYK Line leader emphasises compliance in anniversary message 02 Oct 2018
South Korea tops Mexico as largest buyer of US LNG 02 Oct 2018
Singapore-registered tanker arrested in Malaysia for illegal STS, 02 Oct 2018
Lim Sim Keat moves on to Asia Pulp & Paper 02 Oct 2018
Ships, ports hit by typhoon Trami 02 Oct 2018
GLDD wins USD74 million worth of Tampa harbour dredging 02 Oct 2018
Indonesian tsunami grounds several ships 01 Oct 2018
Nordic Shipholding breaches covenants as product tanker slump continues 01 Oct 2018
Haitong Unitrust targets dry bulk in drive to build shipping portfolio 01 Oct 2018
NYK Line books LNG carrier for Total, 01 Oct 2018
SK’s bid to sell shipping arm signals industry exit, , 01 Oct 2018
Japanese shipyards enjoy dry bulk revival, 01 Oct 2018
Samskip/Nor Lines boost shortsea capacity 28 Sep 2018
Majority of vessels could see 2020 fuel bills double, 28 Sep 2018
HMM formalises mega container ship orders, 28 Sep 2018
NYK Line launches bridge concept to improve safety, 28 Sep 2018
Efficiency gains shipping is missing out on, , 28 Sep 2018
KNOT books two shuttle tankers at Hyundai HI for Equinor, 28 Sep 2018
GF Oil proposes biofuel to South Korean ship operators, 28 Sep 2018
IMO secretary-general urges shipowners to drive beyond green directives, 27 Sep 2018
Fairplay to cease publication 27 Sep 2018
Fledgling project carrier dship secures more MPP resales , 27 Sep 2018
Taiwan Navigation unfazed by US-China trade war 27 Sep 2018
After decades of pioneering spirit, IM Skaugen overwhelmed by two setbacks 27 Sep 2018
IRISL transfers vessels to Chinese ally, 27 Sep 2018
ECSA challenges NGOs’ claim that EU has adequate ship recycling capacity, 27 Sep 2018
Sanoyas Shipbuilding ends three-year order drought 27 Sep 2018
IM Skaugen CEO: Downfall caused by market decline and Teekay split 26 Sep 2018
Shipping told to widen investor base to succeed on stock markets 26 Sep 2018