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US-China tariffs will have little effect on dry bulk, Pacific Basin predicts, , 13 Apr 2018
US Tri-State cluster outlook: More rivals, higher taxes 01 Mar 2018
US to back IMO 2020 ‘experience-building’ rollout 19 Oct 2018
US tariffs on steel to hit breakbulk operators, 05 Mar 2018
US tariffs on China threaten a third of inbound containerised trade 13 Jul 2018
US targets two Russian shipping firms, six vessels in North Korea-related sanctions, 22 Aug 2018
US targets Russian, Chinese port, logistics firms in North Korean sanctions 16 Aug 2018
US targets IRISL and NITC as Iran sanctions reimposed 06 Nov 2018
US takes aim at North Korean reflags 18 Oct 2018
US steel tariffs to hurt South Korea most 09 Mar 2018
US sanctions could put Incheon port’s ambitions on hold, 14 Jun 2018
US sanctions affect west African container competition 08 Jan 2018
US railway chief confirms stranded ‘tariff’ ships 13 Jul 2018
US ports close ahead of major hurricane 12 Sep 2018
US ports caught in crossfire as tariff dispute escalates, 19 Sep 2018
US port security compliance faltered in 2017 11 Apr 2018
US LPG exports to buoy VLGC market, Avance says, 08 May 2018
US lawmakers carve out scheme for offshore wind port hubs 16 Oct 2018
US keeps to sidelines of IMO 2020 debate – for now 24 Sep 2018
US hits North Korean ship-to-ship transfers with sanctions 21 Nov 2017
US files to block Wilhelmsen-Drew tie-up 24 Feb 2018
US feeling labour pressure on ship automation 15 Mar 2018
US export growth should clear skies for VLGC owners, 28 Feb 2018
US dredging applauds federal funding boost 14 Sep 2018
US Coast Guard seeks tighter grip over third parties in wake of El Faro sinking 19 Jan 2018
US clamps down on ballast water enforcement 01 Dec 2017
US budget plan reveals port funding shortfalls 13 Feb 2018
US adds six to North Korea vessel sanctions list 24 Jan 2018
Updated: Samsung HI wins LNG carrier pair, 05 Apr 2018
Updated: Restructuring for STX O&S, receivership for Sungdong , 08 Mar 2018