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Title Date
2017 in review: Insights from shipping leaders 15 Dec 2017
Investment returns salvage nine-month results for Skuld 15 Dec 2017
Damen lands first European LNG dredger conversion contract 15 Dec 2017
P&I Clubs get yet another reinsurance price cut 15 Dec 2017
A closer look at one of the first dual-fuelled dredgers, 16 Dec 2017
KSmart buys and leases back ships from South Korean owners 18 Dec 2017
Hyundai HI aims to be market leader in LNG-powered ships 18 Dec 2017
HMM may order up to 21 container ships in 2018 18 Dec 2017
JERA and EDF set up LNG trading firm 18 Dec 2017
COSCO Shipping Energy Transportation orders seven tankers from CSSC Guangzhou , 18 Dec 2017
Energy transition specialist Miriam Maes takes chair at port of Rotterdam 18 Dec 2017
MSC to convert 11 mega container ships at Beihai Shipbuilding , 18 Dec 2017
Brighter future for Swedish registry as new tonnage tax starts to work 18 Dec 2017
Top takeaways from Fairplay’s EU MRV webinar 18 Dec 2017
SM Line calls for co-operation with HMM 19 Dec 2017
CJ Logistics to merge with construction affiliate 19 Dec 2017
Shipowners prepare for monitoring phase of EU carbon data reporting 19 Dec 2017
HMM discloses plans for building mega container ships, 19 Dec 2017
Wisdom Marine books two Ultramax bulkers at Kawasaki HI 19 Dec 2017
Dania Ship Management plans to expand to dry cargo 19 Dec 2017
MPP/heavy lifter hire rates picking up 19 Dec 2017
Politics, fuels, and autonomy – the world in 2018 for dredging and port construction, 19 Dec 2017
Sediment in the crosshairs - dredging technology focus 19 Dec 2017
IMO boosts Women in Maritime Associations network 19 Dec 2017
TS Lines books two feeder ships at Kyokuyo, 20 Dec 2017
South Korean owners look elsewhere to scrap Capesizes 20 Dec 2017
COSCO Specialized takes up pulp carrier option at COSCO Dalian 20 Dec 2017
Korea Shipping Partnership signs up with Korea P&I, 20 Dec 2017
China’s coastal coal freight rates on the rise amid renewed demand, 20 Dec 2017
Odfjell ready to reap realignment rewards in 2018 20 Dec 2017