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China undertakes Project 645 to restore Yangtze River, 21 Apr 2018
China wavers over shipyard state-aid talks, 10 Jul 2018
China will continue to drive global LNG imports, Höegh LNG says, 31 May 2018
China's coastal coal freight rate bounces back amid peak winter consumption 09 Jan 2018
China's coastal container fleet grows exponentially in the first half of 2018, , 21 Sep 2018
China's Oriental Energy seals LPG purchase from Qatar Petroleum 18 Oct 2018
China's Wuhu Shipyard bags Ultramax order from newcomer Dingxin Shipping 17 Sep 2018
China, North Korea trade plunges as sanctions bite 23 Feb 2018
China-backed fund set to acquire STX Corporation for USD65 million, 28 Dec 2017
China’s Baota to bareboat charter in up to 60 tankers 18 Jul 2018
China’s big terminal operators grow in size and reach 23 Jan 2018
China’s coal-to-gas policy boosts LNG demand , 05 Dec 2017
China’s coastal coal freight rates on the rise amid renewed demand, 20 Dec 2017
China’s commodity imports surge in January 09 Feb 2018
China’s HNA Group puts container lessor Seaco up for sale 12 Sep 2018
China’s HNA Group sets up funds for Belt and Road investment 28 Feb 2018
China’s leasing strength grows in the wake of new accounting rules 02 May 2018
China’s steel industry planner urges Beijing to take measures against US tariffs 09 Mar 2018
China’s top two ports brush off trade war fears to post strong growth 03 May 2018
China’s Yingkou port slides deeper into debt 14 Jun 2018
China’s Zhuhai port raises funds to buy 55 new vessels, 07 Dec 2017
Chinese capital goes beyond Belt and Road 04 Dec 2017
Chinese grain trader COFCO looking to buy Russian terminal 13 Jul 2018
Chinese iron ore imports set record in 2017 06 Feb 2018
Chinese LNG imports could see winter spike, 24 Nov 2017
Chinese manganese ore group Ningxia Tianyuan sets up chartering outfit 17 Nov 2017
Chinese scrapyards raise prices to attract foreign ships, 18 May 2018
Chinese ship lease growth shows no sign of slowing, 20 Sep 2018
Chinese ship recyclers ‘wiped out’ by imminent regulations 01 Aug 2018
Chinese shipbuilders court Greek owners, 22 Mar 2018