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Title Date
Yang Ming tight-lipped on newbuilding reports, 15 Nov 2017
Yangzijiang a value company, shipbuilding business stable 31 May 2018
Yangzijiang and Mitsui join forces to boost competitiveness , 18 Sep 2018
Yangzijiang bucks trend as Chinese shipbuilding earnings fall, , 10 Aug 2018
Yangzijiang establishes leasing and chartering company in Singapore 12 Jan 2018
Yangzijiang invests to boost shipbuilding core, 03 Sep 2018
Yangzijiang secures new contracts worth USD578 million in May 05 Jun 2018
Yangzijiang Shipbuilding buys 60% stake in Chinese shipping firm 26 Apr 2018
Yangzijiang Shipbuilding profit up 67% in 2017 01 Mar 2018
Yangzijiang Shipbuilding to take control of financially troubled Chinese shipyard, 14 Mar 2018
Yangzijiang Shipbuilding triples quarterly profit, 10 Nov 2017
Yangzijiang Shipbuilding-China Ocean Industry JV aims to rescue struggling Chinese yard 11 Jul 2018
Yangzijiang to build up to 10 Newcastlemaxes for Cargill charter 04 Dec 2017
Yara to continue shipping NPK fertiliser by sea following Cheshire casualty 25 Oct 2017
Yemen’s Red Sea Ports Corporation denies Hodeidah tankers detained, 27 Apr 2018
Yet another Chinese financing deal as Bocom signs sale and leaseback deal with Scorpio 29 Sep 2017
Zeaborn absorbs Rickmers Shipmanagement and ER Schiffahrt 13 Aug 2018
Zhejiang Ouhua Shipbuilding officially declared bankrupt 19 Jul 2018
Zhejiang Satellite Petrochemical makes shipping debut, 27 Jul 2018
Zhuhai port looks to set up a financial leasing unit 15 May 2018
ZIM falls victim to rising bunker fuel prices despite revenue surge 24 May 2018
ZIM sails to 2017 profit but CEO warns of excess capacity, rising bunkers 22 Mar 2018
‘Big Three’ shipbuilders not acquiring STX O&S, Sungdong, says South Korean government, 08 Jan 2018
‘Gamification’ scores points for maritime training 18 Oct 2017
‘High disparity’ between flag states in protecting seafarers’ human rights, study finds 27 Jul 2018
‘Horror ship’ detained in Australian port 01 Mar 2018
‘Perfect storm’ hits ship scrapping, with prices down in all markets, 08 Aug 2018
‘Problematic’ contracts triggered complaint against Hyundai Group chief, says HMM 19 Jan 2018
‘Safety first’ for Shell’s shipping VP Henderson 02 Feb 2018
‘Serious’ design issues leave seafarers fearful of using lifesaving equipment 04 Jan 2018