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Title Date
MPC Capital sees profits trickling away 16 Nov 2018
DP World Jeddah looks to win concession agreement 16 Nov 2018
Wan Hai orders new containers from Singamas, 16 Nov 2018
CSD Spartacus launched 16 Nov 2018
Shanghai’s lead as top cargo port narrows as Asia dominates throughput 16 Nov 2018
Shandong Shipping books 10 Capesizes at SWS, 16 Nov 2018
Salvors disentangle vessels after collision in German bay 16 Nov 2018
Evergreen finalises feeder newbuildings, adjusts charter plans 16 Nov 2018
MPP/heavy-lifter market levels off 15 Nov 2018
Product tanker rates have hit bottom and recovery lies ahead, says Torm 15 Nov 2018
Pan Ocean optimistic despite US-China trade war 15 Nov 2018
MPC Container Ships puts scrubbers on feeder vessels, 15 Nov 2018
Top five liner operators form association for IT collaboration 15 Nov 2018
How remote can remote control become in the world of automated terminals? 15 Nov 2018
CDB FL buys Zhejiang Materials Industry’s entire fleet 15 Nov 2018
NYK introduces eco-design for PCTC, 15 Nov 2018
Epic Gas boss puts faith in LSFO, eschews scrubbers 14 Nov 2018
HMM’s loss worsens as bunker prices rise 14 Nov 2018
Maersk sees improved profits, but faces headwinds from higher bunkers 14 Nov 2018
DSME reports losses after Romanian yard disposal 14 Nov 2018
Japan complains to WTO over South Korean shipbuilding aid 14 Nov 2018
UK seeks to steer autonomous vessel evolution 14 Nov 2018
Changing roles at CEDA’s Marine Strategy Navigation Group, 14 Nov 2018
Petrolimex applies to wind up Brightoil’s Singapore unit, , 14 Nov 2018
Japanese lessor FPG behind purchase of SFI box ships 14 Nov 2018
Poulsson warns of threat to global trade from US sanctions 13 Nov 2018
Blockchain scheme delivers marine insurance claims benefits 13 Nov 2018
Big ship demand gives hope to box ship charter market, 13 Nov 2018
CSSC’s leasing unit seeks Hong Kong listing 13 Nov 2018
Cargo warning as theft blights supply chains 13 Nov 2018