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Glossary term Description
API American Petroleum Institute. Used as a measurement of relative density of oil products, does not have any units.

Australian Maritime Safety Authority


Alternative maritime power. To reduce ships generator exhaust emissions in port, ships may use plug-in shore power

American Rust Standards

Used to classify corrosion damage. The American Rust Standard is recognised worldwide


Admiralty List of Radio Signals.


Automatic identification system, fitted to ships for transmitting ship's name and other data which can be received by other ships and shore stations

airdraught The distance between waterline and highest point on a vessel. Often used by dry bulk ports to describe the waterline to top of hatch cover clearance.

Anchor handling tug supply


automated guided vehicle

adsorption delay Delayed take up of water vapour by the cargo. This usually refers to water vapour and describes the fact that during the day the water vapour is given off by the cargo to the air in the container (desorption) faster than the cooling of the container air is introduces water vapour to the cargo (adsorption). The water vapour condenses on the walls of the container thus leading to damage.