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Glossary term Description

wave rider buoy.  Usually used in a remote sensing context. The buoy measures tides, range and conditions and relays the information back to the monitoring systems.


World Dredging Congress


World Organization of Dredging Associations

wire rod coil Steel product made in rod wire rolling mills with varying cross-sections. German standards refer to wire rod as a product that can be wound immediately into coils from the rolling mill whilst still hot. Coils of wire rod. Depending on the nature of the goods and any intended subsequent processing these coils are corrosion-sensitive and sensitive to mechanical damage, for example, kinks forming in the wire. The length of the winding axis is a critical factor in determining the way they are stowed.

Western Dredging Association

walking board Plywood board, generally around 2 cm thick, often used for load securing and for interlayer dunnage or top dunnage.

Various types of vessel traffic management system. These are usually radar assisted systems to advise masters and pilots of other vessel traffic in their vicinity within a waterway.

voyage memo

Used to describe a document giving details of a vessel's previous ports of call, including arrival and departure dates and times, often required by countries with cargo or country boycotts in place. This document has mainly been superseded by ISPS pre-arrival document requirements.


voice over internet protocol


very large ore carrier