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Glossary term Description
container section A packed section of a container.
container sweat Condensation which forms on the surfaces of the container.
container template Generally a moveable frame that maps the size and shape of the inside of a container. If the exact dimensions of a cargo or its packing are unknown, the 'template' can be pushed over the load in order to make sure that the correct size of container has been selected.
corner castings Corner fittings located at all eight corners of the container. They are used to handle the container. Lifting gear, such as container gantries and cranes, is attached to the corner castings of the containers in order to lift them. The corner castings are used in conjunction with twist locks to secure containers when traveling on road vehicles or stack and fasten them securely to the deck of ocean-going vessel. The twist locks are placed in the corner castings and engage with the corner castings (on the floor) of the next container.
corner posts Corner posts of a container. These connect the upper corner casting of a container to the lower one and form one of the most stable parts of the container.

Crude oil washing, a system of using the crude oil cargo to high pressure "wash" the cargo tanks in order to increase cargo discharged

critical water content Water content of cargo at which a change in quality is expected.
crude oil Oil as it comes out of the ground or a well at sea. Can range in colour from brown to black and may be termed, heavy, light, sweet or sour depending upon its origin.
CSI Container Security Initiative, a foreign port agreement with USA Customs to facilitate container security into US ports.

Centistokes. A measure of fuel viscosity, eg 380 cst, 180 cst