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Glossary term Description

A row of containers running from one side of the ship to the other. To be distinguished from a hold


Hydraulic excavator mounted on a pontoon


All-weather terminal. A covered jetty that the vessel enters for loading and discharging to avoid weather delays and poor conditions for stevedores

athwartships stowage Load stowed across the beam of the container or ship (as opposed to fore and aft stowage). In the context of load securing, it is of utmost importance whether a container is stowed athwartships or fore and aft on a ship. In the case of athwartships stowage, the greatest acceleration forces act on the actual container longitudinally rather than transversely. Load securing measures must then be taken with this in mind.

Association of South East Asian Nations


azimuth stern drive


Automated stacking crane

ASA & ANSI American Standards Association and American National Standards Institute. Pipe standards regarding wall thickness, flange sizes and flange bolt holes etc. Usual marine application 150 ASA (space) for low pressure systems like oil and chemical transfers and 300 ASA for high pressure systems like pressurised LPG transfers.
apparent density Density of lumber including hollow space.

AP Møller Terminals