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Glossary term Description
stevedore A company that provides stevedore services within a port. Stevedores load and discharge ships, often operating specialised equipment to perform their task.
stowage factor

The stowage factor specifies how many cubic metres of hold space in a ship will be taken up by a tonne of a cargo, taking into account gaps, shape of the hold, number of tween decks, supports and the use of dunnage.

straddle carrier Mobile heavy equipment used to move containers in a container park and able to straddle a row of containers up to, usually, 3 high.
strip To unpack/unload a container.
Strop Slinging equipment from various materials. Strops are slung round the load and attached to the hook of the crane.

Ship to ship transfer - usually occurs at anchor or may occur, very occasionally, while drifting in the deep ocean. Used for lightening a large tanker so it may reduce its draught to enter a particular harbour.


Container ship 2,000–2,999 teu

Subcontinent, the

Bangladesh, India, Pakistan


Transition from the solid to gaseous state without passing through the liquid state.


Largest size of vessel able to transit the Suez Canal fully loaded. 125,000-199,999 dwt.