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Glossary term Description
Ship repairer A company that provides ship repair services or facilities within a port.
ship to ship

Ship to ship (STS) transfer. The transfer of dry or liquid cargo between two vessels either moored together at anchor, drifting at sea or across a jetty (liquid cargo only).

shrinkage/shortage Loss in volume, reduction (weight loss) of goods during transport or storage.

The process of attaching slinging equipment (for example, ropes, chains or webbing slings) to a load in order for it to be lifted/transhipped safely using lifting gear, for example, a crane.

slot position

Specifies the position of the container on board the ship, for example using the bay row tier system.

slot rate Rate used to calculate the cost of renting a slot for transporting a single container on board a ship.
Smart Reefer A type of refrigerated container (trade name).

safety management system


International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea

south Asia

Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, the Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka