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Glossary term Description

Greenwich Mean Time 


Global Positioning System, position fixing system using signals from satellites


Floor of a refrigerated hold/container, designed so air can flow along the floor 

graving dock

Drydock for vessel maintenance


Icebergs.  Blocks of ice that have broken free from the parent shelf and may be a navigation hazard


Gross registered tonnage. The moulded volume of all enclosed spaces of the vessel. A formula is then applied to those measurements, hence no unit of measurement is assigned and the figure is simply referred to as the vessel’s gross tonnage


Gross tonnage. A function of the moulded volume of all enclosed spaces of the ship as per the 1969 International Convention on

Tonnage Measurement of Ships


Hectare. SI-accepted metric unit of area, equal to 100 acres 

half-height open-top container

A half-height container with no roof that is particularly suitable for heavy and compact cargo

handling symbol Handling symbols are an essential part of the marking of packages and ensure greater care is taken during cargo handling.