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Glossary term Description

The process of attaching slinging equipment (for example, ropes, chains or webbing slings) to a load in order for it to be lifted/transhipped safely using lifting gear, for example, a crane.

shrinkage/shortage Loss in volume, reduction (weight loss) of goods during transport or storage.
ship to ship

Ship to ship (STS) transfer. The transfer of dry or liquid cargo between two vessels either moored together at anchor, drifting at sea or across a jetty (liquid cargo only).

Ship repairer A company that provides ship repair services or facilities within a port.
Ship loader Can be linear or quadrant.
SHINC Sundays and holidays included
SHEX Sundays and holidays excluded
shackle Used to connect two different sized lines, as in SBM moorings where nylon rope is connected to chafe chain. Also measurement of length of anchor chain, equal to approx 23m, where most ships have 10 to 12 shackles of chain on each anchor.

An agreement and convention, signed in the town of the same name, to allow free movement of people within certain countries of Europe. 


Segregated ballast tanks. Particular tanks, especially in a tanker, which are used exclusively for clean seawater ballast.