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Glossary term Description
stern line

Mooring line at stern, not aft line.

stevedore A company that provides stevedore services within a port. Stevedores load and discharge ships, often operating specialised equipment to perform their task.
stowage factor

The stowage factor specifies how many cubic metres of hold space in a ship will be taken up by a tonne of a cargo, taking into account gaps, shape of the hold, number of tween decks, supports and the use of dunnage.

straddle carrier Mobile heavy equipment used to move containers in a container park and able to straddle a row of containers up to, usually, 3 high.
strip To unpack/unload a container.
Strop Slinging equipment from various materials. Strops are slung round the load and attached to the hook of the crane.

Ship to ship transfer - usually occurs at anchor or may occur, very occasionally, while drifting in the deep ocean. Used for lightening a large tanker so it may reduce its draught to enter a particular harbour.


Container ship 2,000–2,999 teu

Subcontinent, the

Bangladesh, India, Pakistan


Transition from the solid to gaseous state without passing through the liquid state.