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Glossary term Description

pressurised natural gas - see also CNG


Placards are, in accordance with the dangerous goods stipulations of the IMDG code, adhesive placards that indicate to all parties concerned what type of dangerous goods are being transported. They differ from labels in terms of size, although labels have the same purpose


Movement of a ship around its transverse axis

pilotage authority

The authority that supplies a pilotage service for a particular port


An experienced mariner usually with command experience, employed by a vessel to assist in the navigation and berthing of a vessel in a particular port. Sometimes referred to as berthing master or mooring master when referring to offshore oil facilities


pure car and truck carrier


pure car carrier


parallel berth length


Abbreviation for passengers in ro-pax

passive behaviour Defines the sensitivity of cargo to other cargo and to its environment (e.g. sensitivity to foreign odors).