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Glossary term Description
LAT Lowest Astronomic Tide
lashing rod

Metal rod for securing (lashing) containers on deck.

lashing equipment Devices or aids for securing loads against slippage, tipping and falling. It may comprise chains, wires, ropes, straps or rods and is generally used in conjunction with a tensioning device (e.g. turnbuckle, twistlock or ratchet tensioner). Depending on the way in which the load is secured, it may be referred to as cylinder lashing, cross lashing, wire-rope lashing or round-turn lashing. Verb: to lash
lashing crosspiece A construction similar in appearance to a girder, manufactured primarily from steel and offering attachment points for lashing equipment.
lashing capacity The permissible lashing capacity (LC) is the maximum force that may be applied to a lashing. This lashing capacity can be found on a label that is attached to the lashing equipment. For maritime transport, "MSL" is to be used in accordance with appendix 13 of the guideline entitled "Bekanntmachung von Änderungen von Richtlinien für die sachgerechte Stauung von Ladung bei der Beförderung mit Seeschiffen" ("Publication of amendments to guidelines for the correct stowage of cargoes for carriage in ocean-going ships") of 14 February 1996 (published in the German "Bundesanzeiger" newspaper, 7 May 1996).
lashing Attaching or fixing/securing a load to a means of transport/or securing a load inside a container in order to prevent it from sliding or falling. Lashing is a widely used international term. The term can be modified to indicate the type of lashing that is meant (direct lashing, diagonal lashing, tie-down lashing) The lashing equipment may be prefabricated lashing belts, chains, wire rope, as well as ropes made of artificial or natural fibers, or a combination of such.