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Glossary term Description
line load Weight force which can be withstood by a container floor per running meter.

An inland water vessel or barge usually without an engine that was originally used for reducing the draught of a oceangoing vessel by lightening the load, thus allowing it to enter a port

leading lights

Also known as range lights 


Light diesel oil. A grade of bunkers


Less than container load, a parcel of cargo, loaded into a container, usually along with other shipper's cargo 

lay time

The amount of time as stipulated in the charterparty for a vessel to load/discharge without financial penalty

Lay by As in lay by berth.
lateral tier

Lateral layer of cargo. Generally used to stabilise the stow or to close off the face of the load

lateral dunnage Covering the sides of the container with dunnage provides protection against dripping sweat.
Lat, Long Latitude, Longitude, see Positions