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Glossary term Description

lifesaving appliance


Liquefied petroleum gas. Methane, ethane, propane and butane are produced during the crude oil refining process. Methane and ethane may be used as fuel in the refinery but propane and butane are recovered and sold as LPG

low-temperature refrigerated containers Refrigerated containers that enable goods to be transported at temperatures as low as -60°C.
loading master

see berthing master


Length over all. The extreme length of a vessel


Lift-on lift-off. Loading and unloading of intermodal transport units (ITUs) using lifting gear


Liquefied natural gas. Natural gas may be extracted from oilfields or produced from fields containing only gas. It is also found in association with very light oil, termed condensate. Light hydrocarbons extracted from natural gas are referred to as natural gas liquids (NGL). Natural gas main component is methane. It can be liquefied, for transport or storage, by cooling to about -160ºC and is then referred to as liquefied natural gas

liquid bulk

Liquid cargo


Usually a shortened term for mooring ropes, eg head lines, stern lines. May also refer to shipping lines


Vessel operating to an advertised fixed schedule between ports. Now usually container ships but used to be applied to passenger ships especially on trans-Atlantic route