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Glossary term Description
fairlead An opening in the ship's side through which ropes may be sent away as moorings.

A channel or waterway, other than a canal or river, usually associated with the entrance to a port


Full container load, a full container loaded with only one shipper's cargo

feeder ship

Normally a shortsea vessel used to carry containers or cargo between major (hub) ports and minor ports

fender Cushion or pad placed between a vessel and another surface, a berth, another vessel etc, in order to reduce damage resulting from collision or rubbing together of the two surfaces. 'Yokohama' type commonly used for STS.

Forty foot equivalent unit, 40ft container


Free in and out, charterer pays for loading and discharging of a cargo

flag of convenience

see FOC


A ring welded to the end of a pipe. It is used with its counterpart to join pipes. The rings are provided with drilled holes through which the pipes can be bolted together


Collapsible rail/ramp for moving loads into the belly of the ship