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Glossary term Description
dead air zone Area in a cargo stack with insufficient ventilation.
dead freight Payment by shipper to shipowner for failing to load full amount of cargo as stipulated in the contract.
deadweight tonnes

(dwt). The weight in tonnes (1,000 kg) of cargo, stores, fuel, passengers and crew carried by the ship when loaded to its

maximum summer draught

derat The generic term used for sanitary certification, as in derat or deratting certification required. Certificate names changed to Ship Sanitation Control Certificate (SSCC) or Ship Sanitation Control Exemption Certificate (SSCEC).

Document handler. LRF internal electronic data storage system

displacement Total "weight" of water displaced by a vessel when floating at its load draught (l/c).
displacement tonnage

The total weight of a vessel in tonnes when loaded to its maximum summer load line. This is commonly used as the

main tonnage value for naval warships


An integrated centre which offers numerous facilities and services to companies operating in the field of distribution, example container storage areas away from a port

double bottom Construction of vessel having a space, usually for segregated ballast, between the keel and the cargo hold or tank.
double hull Construction of vessel with a space, usually for segregated ballast, surrounding the whole cargo hold or tank. All new tankers are required to be built as double hull vessels and all single hull tankers will not be permitted to carry heavy oil after 2010.