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Glossary term Description

Compressed natural gas, sometimes known as PNG pressurised natural gas. Some Suezmax tankers are being converted to this type of vessel by adding pressurised tanks or coil system called Coselle

clip-on-units Refrigeration units used to cool porthole containers on deck, in port or during road/rail transportation.
chemical tanker Specialised tanker built for the carriage of chemicals. May have specially coated tanks and may carry many different parcels of cargoes as each tank may have individual pumps and pipelines.
charterparty (CP)

Contract for the hire of a ship


Person/company/cargo owner who hires or charters a vessel


Container freight station, where containers are "stuffed" (loaded) or "unstuffed" (emptied).


Car equivalent unit


Community of European Shipyards Associations


Central Dredging Association

CD Chart Datum, the level to which depths on a chart are reduced or the level from which tidal heights are measured. This can vary, LLWS or LAT usually used.