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Glossary term Description

Brake horse power. A unit of measurement of the output power of an engine. The metric unit is kilowatt. (1 bhp = 0.745699872 kW)

bilge sump Sump at the lowest point of the hold, where water can collect and be pumped off.
bill of lading

Plural bills of lading. Legal document for ownership of cargo and agreed terms of carriage

blue box suction pad

An air-controlled suction eye pad used to fasten the bottom of pilot ladders to the lower hull of high sided vessels


best management practice


Bridge navigation watch alarm system


Heavy duty cylindrical shape welded to the deck of a vessel for making fast mooring ropes and tugs lines. 

bows The "front" or "sharp" end of a vessel.
box Everyday term for container.
bracing/bracing beams Items used to secure general cargo loads. Bracing is usually made from squared lumber beams that are fitted between the load and the load-bearing sections of the container in order to take up the horizontal and vertical forces acting on the load. The bracing is subject to compressive stress.