North America

25 Sep 2018
LNG carriers are securing spot rates of near USD100,000/day and may enjoy an extended period of high returns, even beyond the coming winter season.
USCG's Jeff Lantz
24 Sep 2018
Proposal seeking assurances on compliant fuel availability is not yet supported by the US Coast Guard.
A North Korean vessel previously arrested for illicit activity.
24 Sep 2018
Australia and Canada have mounted airborne maritime patrols from a US base in Japan to detect illicit North Korean shipping activity.
US-Iran sanctions
20 Sep 2018
The reintroduction of US sanctions will undoubtedly affect insurers and the complexity in dealing with these risks has now increased.
Isabelle Therrien
20 Sep 2018
The Canadian market will see new maritime laws come into force in the coming year alongside new investment that will create greater demand.
Port of Los Angeles
19 Sep 2018
Cargo volume growth and jobs are at stake as the United States and China continue trade retaliation measures.
US dollars
19 Sep 2018
Equity investors focus more on the short-term earnings outlook and as the pace of recovery in shipping has fallen short of expectations, it has let many investors disappointed, while in the bond market, the situation is different.
Trade war between the US and China
18 Sep 2018
Vessels may be unable to access ports while seafarers may also be barred from operating in certain nations in the event of a full-blown trade war.
US Gulf rig and tanker
17 Sep 2018
The new derivatives contracts, which will be listed and cleared through ICE Futures Europe, are based on the freight costs of VLCC shipments from USGC to China and of Aframax shipments from USGC to Europe (United Kingdom or the continent).
14 Sep 2018
A record USD3.74 billion to benefit American dredging contractors awaits US President Donald Trump's approval.
2015-built 54,336 dwt LPG tanker, Corvette
14 Sep 2018
Three family-run Japanese shipowners have acquired three VLGCs from Dorian LPG in sale-and-bareboat-charter deals.