North America

Capitol Hill
19 Nov 2018
Passage of the Vessel Incidental Discharge Act (VIDA) likely occur before the end of 2018.
Dorian LPG executives as it went public in May 2014
10 Oct 2018
Dorian LPG has hit back at BW LPG’s withdrawal from a proposed merger, in which the latter cited a lack of constructive engagement from Dorian.
A BW LPG tanker at sea
09 Oct 2018
BW LPG has withdrawn its offer to combine with Dorian LPG, citing a lack of constructive engagement.
Vessel in drydock
04 Oct 2018
US policy to push 12,000 vessels into ballast water equipment installation is considered a monetary penalty by some owners.
LNG terminal
03 Oct 2018
The USD31 billion LNG Canada export terminal project has been given the go-ahead, with the first LNG expected to be processed by 2025.
US Coast Guard inspector checks a bulk carrier's emergency position location device.
02 Oct 2018
New requirements in wake of tragic 2015 sinking will come with new costs for vessel owners and operators.
The contract signing between SK Shipping and Samsung Heavy Industries
02 Oct 2018
South Korea has emerged as the top buyer of US liquefied natural gas amid the ongoing trade dispute between the United States and China.
Port Tampa Bay
02 Oct 2018
Big Bend channel project fits with port’s 2030 plan to take advantage of fast-growing central Florida.  
LNG carrier
25 Sep 2018
LNG carriers are securing spot rates of about USD100,000/day and may enjoy an extended period of high returns, even beyond the coming winter season.
USCG's Jeff Lantz
24 Sep 2018
Proposal seeking assurances on compliant fuel availability is not yet supported by the US Coast Guard.
A North Korean vessel previously arrested for illicit activity.
24 Sep 2018
Australia and Canada have mounted airborne maritime patrols from a US base in Japan to detect illicit North Korean shipping activity.