Fairplay Decision Makers


Across Asia, EMEA, and the Americas, the Fairplay team regularly talks to maritime sector’s top decision-makers about their views on industry developments, their market insights and what underpins their passion for shipping. If there is a decision-maker that you want to us to profile, don’t hesitate to get in touch nicola.good@ihsmarkit.com

News & Analysis

Columbia Shipmanagement CEO Mark O’Neil
13 Aug 2018
Mark O’Neil reveals the latest on the Columbia-Marlow merger and the next steps for digitalisation.
27 Oct 2017
  Building ties with leading cargo owners is a key aspect of a top Chinese leasing company’s strategy
President and CEO of Panama Ports Co, Paul Wallace
20 Oct 2017
Change is accelerating and the ports of the future must adapt to ever-evolving technology, according to Panama Ports Co chief Paul Wallace.
02 Oct 2017
Executive vice president and COO of the Ardmore Shipping Corporation, Mark Cameron, believes that the shipping industry has much more to tackle before it gets to unmanned ships
18 Sep 2017
The price of satellite communications is about to drop as increased competition, improved connectivity, and greater demand create the conditions necessary to develop the industry further.
12 Sep 2017
Fairplay identifies 20 individuals who will determine the future direction of marine insurance.